The chestnut of Pelion is of superior quality. To this contributes the excellent climatic conditions, the appropriate altitude of Mountain Pelion and its soil ingredients. All mentioned above, make the product more tough and more tasty than all the other Greek chestnuts.

The harvest begins in the first ten days of September and is completed in the first thirty days of September or in the first ten days of October. The fruits are falling from the trees gradually and gathered daily, in order to be selected and placed in cooling chambers. This process is necessary for the maintenance of the product’s integrity.

The chestnut is categorized according to the diameter of the fruit and this process takes place during the selection, where all the chestnuts for sale go through the selector, a special machine which classify the chestnut by qualities. The qualities of chestnuts are the following:

Lux – 35/45  pieces/kilo
Extra – 50/55 pieces/kilo
Alfa – 70/85 pieces/kilo

The chestnuts of Pelion are of excellent quality, suitable for direct consumption and treatment as well.

The product is accompanied with laboratory analysis as far as its suitability is concerned.


The product is available in the following packings:

  1. Carton 9Kg net weight
  2. Box 30Kg net weight
  3. Bags 700-1000Kg net weight

*special orders are made by arrangement.