We specialize in the production and marketing of chestnut.

On the one hand our origin from Xourichti of Pelion and on the other hand our love for the land, has kept us close to our home, where we begun the cultivation of chestnuts, that thrive in the area of Pelion and are of exceptional quality.

Initially, we cultivated our own fields, but then, due to the superior quality of chestnut, we gained a wider client list and worked more both on the cultivation and the trading of chestnut.

We managed to produce by ourselves a considerable quantity of chestnuts, which is continuously enhanced with new purchases of farms and purchases of chestnuts from local farmers, while strengthening the local economy.

By continuously investing in the chestnut section, we managed to acquire important equipment both for the cultivation of the fields and the harvest, the selection, the storage in cooling chambers and the packing. All mentioned of our own and with real capital from the annual turnover of the company.

Our target is to offer a competitive product, of superior quality, purely Greek, at an attractive price, that will concern not only the domestic, but the world market as well. By focusing on our target, we have developed wholesale trade with great companies of Greek market, especially, in Athens and Thessaloniki, from where the product is placed on the Greek market and the Balkans. We also cooperate with factories in Italy. Our ultimate aim is the establishment of trade relations with more countries.